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Why You Should Hire The Professionals at Lightscape Designs

When it comes to outdoor lighting, there is simply no way to DIY a professional look.

If you’ve been thinking about adding outdoor lighting to your home or business, it might sound like an easy task to do on your own. In reality… it’s not.  Although it may seem tempting to “do it yourself” by watching a YouTube video, chances are, it’s not going to get you the results you were hoping to achieve. 


In order to get the best high-quality outdoor lighting that fits your needs, it’s best to hire a professional outdoor lighting company. At Lightscape Designs by Illuminations, we bring years of experience in outdoor lighting installations and customized designs to every project we complete. 




  • We use only the highest quality products from industry leading brands such as AMP, Brilliance, Haven, and FX Luminaire. That means our fixtures and equipment are built to last.


Expertise & Professionalism


  • At Lightscape Designs, landscape lighting is not just “a side job,” it’s our top priority. Our team of experts are well-versed in all aspects of outdoor lighting, ensuring a customized design tailored to your property’s specific requirements. From start to finish, we’ll work closely with you to ensure the design and installation perfectly fit your exact wants and needs.


Safety & Elegance


  • By paying meticulous attention to detail, we create safer outdoor living spaces that make your property more secure and luxurious, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment for years to come.
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